Plant & Moss

Luxury-contemporary homeware, furniture and lifestyle products

Plant & Moss is a creative industrial design studio. We produce our own collection of homeware and lifestyle products all handmade in Great Britain.

Mixing traditional with contemporary thought, we design for longevity through narrative, interaction and material exploration. We also work with leading retailers, collaborators and manufacturers.

Plant & Moss would like to invite you to join us on a journey…

The story so far,

In 2009 graduates James Plant and James Moss were invited to exhibit at ‘New Designers One Year On’. This sparked a collaboration that was to form Plant & Moss; an apt match given their relating horticultural surnames. Sharing the same vision and having a complementing working style, James Plant and James Moss felt their designs had something different to offer.

Heirlooms and inheritance have surpassed the rush of materialism and the desire for quality is back. The focus on “improve not move” sees people investing in their homes and furniture. Producing limited runs provides awareness that the product is one of quality and exclusivity.

Following the interest in the duo’s work they put together a prototype collection of their ideas and exhibited at ‘The Dock’ for the London Design Festival 2009. The work was well received which lead to their first client being the prestigious Liberty of London.

The Dock, Plant & Moss

With a growing customer base, Plant & Moss set up their design studio and workshop at the end of 2010 in the Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham. Wanting to both design and manufacture in Britain, the Midlands provides a great base for the company, producing in-house and utilising local industry.

The Workshop Plant & Moss

Plant & Moss look to create designs of longevity that tell a story and have added meaning to them. Their work is produced in limited batches where each piece can often be deemed unique through its manufacture technique, its ongoing changing personality or its provenance. Other designs may look at interesting materials, a process or simply produce an object for the enjoyment of the customer.

Our vision:

To create products of luxury, quality and lasting appeal; conversational pieces and lasting designs. Handmade in Great Britain, our products are made using a range of time-honoured skills and modern techniques. Produced in small batches, we seek to create designs that will enrich your interior with exclusivity, style and character.

This year Plant & Moss will be launching their premier collection at London’s Design festival in September. We hope that you enjoy our work. Please take a minute and look at the preview of our premier collection to be released in September.

Product collection With thanks,

James & James