Plant & Moss

Luxury-contemporary homeware, furniture and lifestyle products

Plant & Moss is a creative industrial design studio. We produce our own collection of homeware and lifestyle products all handmade in Great Britain.

Mixing traditional with contemporary thought, we design for longevity through narrative, interaction and material exploration. We also work with leading retailers, collaborators and manufacturers.

The Akita Desktop Range

The Akita Desktop Range Plant & Moss is proud to announce the introduction of the Akita Desktop Range; designed by Tatsuya Akita and produced by Plant & Moss. Made in concrete, brass, copper and oak the range mixes luxury metals with raw materials. The juxtaposition of these materials creates a wonderful aesthetic, industrial and heavy, yet visually light and soft to the touch. The range includes a pen stand, a tape dispenser and a desk lamp. The desktop range utilises the craft process of metal spinning by hand, a fascinating process few are familiar with, although most of us own something that has been spun. Think clay pot moulding with metal!   The aim of the designer (Tatsuya Akita) was to keep the designs simple, functional and practical the wooden ring that appears in all of the designs gives a feeling of cohesiveness. The designer Tatsuya Akita said this about his work: "The desk set range came from and investigation of materials and processes.

The intention was to exploit material characteristics: Concrete has weight, durability and a raw feel, the spun metal and turned wood relate to the function of the objects and result in a pure form. Material selection always plays a major role in what I do but the things that inspire me are too numerous to mention. Each project brings with it new things to explore and research." (Tatsuya Akita, March 2012) Plant & Moss first came across the work of Tatsuya Akita at New Designers 2011, where the designer was exhibiting his final year work of his BA, that he studied at Northumbria University. We saw his work and immediately fell in love with the contrasting desk set and his Earthen Lamps, so much so we decided to work with him to take his prototype designs and turn them into a reality.