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Plant & Moss is a creative industrial design studio. We produce our own collection of homeware and lifestyle products all handmade in Great Britain.

Mixing traditional with contemporary thought, we design for longevity through narrative, interaction and material exploration. We also work with leading retailers, collaborators and manufacturers.

Arco Floor Lamp

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Arco floor lamp.jpg
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Arco Floor Lamp


Arco-rod is an adjustable pendant lamp that lowers from ceiling height down to dining table level and lower still to become a reading lamp.

The Arco-rod plays with tension and flex, providing a fun versatile solution to lighting. Utilising a fishing rod and winch, as it is turned the cable tightens, arcing the rod and lowering the height of the bulb.

The globe lamps can be sold individually.

Designed by Plant & Moss: Height maximum 3 m lowers to 1.5 m x 2.5 m Reach

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Materials & Finish

Concrete breeze block or oak block base.
Custom rod with winch.


  • Adjustable pendant light from 3 metres (max) height down to 1.5 metres.
  • Feature and conversation piece.
  • British made.


H 1600mm – 3000mm. Reach of 2300mm

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