Plant & Moss

Luxury-contemporary homeware, furniture and lifestyle products

Plant & Moss is a creative industrial design studio. We produce our own collection of homeware and lifestyle products all handmade in Great Britain.

Mixing traditional with contemporary thought, we design for longevity through narrative, interaction and material exploration. We also work with leading retailers, collaborators and manufacturers.



Akita Desk Lamp

Akita Desk Lamp available individually or as part of the Akita Desktop Range.

H 400 mm x 145 mm

Arco Rod Wall Lamp

Arco Rod Lamp playfully re-imagines the great Jean Prouvé’s classic design.

H 1170 mm from bottom of handle to top of rod x 2040 mm arm length.

Arco Rod Floor Lamp

The Arco-rod plays with tension and flex, providing a fun versatile solution to lighting.

H max 3000 mm lowers to 1050 mm x 2050 mm

398 Light

Pure white craft paper, beautifully folded in an industrial way give the impression of an item that has been meticulously produced.

H 300 mm x 120 mm DIA. Cable length max 3 meters.

Original Clamp Lamp

Its unique design and style allow Clamp Lamp to be clamped to almost any surface, giving light.

H 700 mm x 840 mm

Clamp Side Lamp

Suitable as a bedside lamp, hall way table light or to be clamped to shelving over a chair, it is versatile in its uses.

H 580 mm x 250 mm

Clamp Table Lamp

The Clamp Table Lamp, keeps the industrial aesthetic of the Original Clamp Lamp but juxtaposes it with a more recognisable form.

H 450 mm x 250 mm

Earthern Lamp

Hand cast in white earthenware, each shade is upturned and the terracotta is allowed to create its unique pattern.

H 250 mm x 120 mm DIA

Polka Pendant

A plugged pendant lamp with ample cable, it’s ready to be hung wherever needed.

 H 95 mm x 55 mm. 3 m long cable.

Polka Wall Spot

Utilising bright LED lamps, the fun friendly spots are ready to brighten any room.

H 135 mm x 70 mm x 40 mm

Polka Extended Wall Spot

An even more versatile declination of the Classic Polka Wall Spot.

H 145 mm x 230 mm x 88 mm

Polka Mouse Spot.png

Polka Mouse Side Spot

Fun friendly spots ready to brighten any room.

H98 mm x 86 mm x 40 mm

Polka Table Lamp

Polka Table  happily peers down over your table but, with a twist of a butterfly nut, is just as comfortable vertically up lighting a wall.

H 395 mm x 88 mm x  150 mm 

Polka Floor - Single Lamp 

H 1600 mm x 250 mm

Polka Floor Multiple.png

Polka Floor - Multi Lamp

H 1600 mm x 200 mm 


Pallet table.png

Pallet Table

Pallet Table takes the aesthetic of a traditional pine pallet, transformed into beautifully planed oak coffee table.

H 145 mm x 800 mm  x 1200 mm 

Bistro Table.png

Bistro Table

The Bistro Table is a contemporary practical table with the ability to be stacked.

H 720 mm x 800 mm x 1360 mm / 1560 mm / 2160 mm

Bisley Love Seat 

Bisley Suite draws inspiration from heritage products that combine leather with woollen tweed fabrics such as shooting jackets with leather patches.

H 777 mm x W 1500 mm x D 1090 mm

Bisley sofa.png

Bisley Sofa

A sofa that evokes a clear sense of Britishness.

H 777 mm x W 2300 mm x D 1090 mm

Tribal stools.png

Tribal Stools

Influenced by traditional tribal craft techniques, each stool is individually hand turned in Great Britain.

H 700 mm x 300 mm DIA  /  H 430 mm x 300 mm /  H 400 mm x 240 mm

Companion stool.png

Companion Range

A traditional style milking stool with a contemporary aesthetic. Hand turned in Great Britain.

H 410 mm x 370 mm


Log Stool

Hand turned from large sections of fallen trees deliberately choosing fresh timber, allowing it to crack so each piece is unique.

H 350 mm x 250 mm DIA  /  H 450 mm x 330 mm DIA

Block Stool

Block Stool is inspired by a butchers chopping block, it is weighty and robust as its name suggests. 

 H 430 mm x 270 mm x 270 mm

Block Bench.png

Block Bench

The Block Bench is weighty and robust. It embraces the large natural grain pattern of this timber, smoothed edges give it a homely feel.

H 430 mm x 270 mm x 810 mm / 1170 mm  /1530  mm

Odd Couple.png

Odd couple bench

A great feature bench for an entrance room, hallway or at a table. This bench will create conversation.

 H 1000 mm x 1000 mm x 450 mm

Bistro Chair.png

Bistro Chair Range

The Bistro Dining Chair is an elegant contemporary dining arm chair which can be stacked.

 H 785 mm x  50 mm x 575 mm


Geometric Hook.png

Geometric Hooks

Playful in colour and form, ‘Circle’, ‘Triangle’ and ‘Square’ Wall Hooks bring a playful element to the Geometrics collection. 

45 mm DIA x 70 mm

Geometric Door stop.png

Geometric Door Stops

Playful in colour and form, ‘Circle’, ‘Triangle’ and ‘Square’ door stops bring a playful element to the Geometrics collection.

110 mm x 30 mm approx

Geometric Candle Holder.png

Geometric Candle Holders

A set of three candle holders produced in a range of materials offer a strong iconic table feature.

Geometric Tidy Desk Range.png

Geometric Desk Tidy Range

The Geometrics desk tidy brings a calm and orderly manner to any desk.

AKita desk range.png

Akita Desktop Range

A range that juxtaposes raw material such as concrete, with luxurious feeling polished brass, copper and oak components.

Akita Tape.png

Akita Tape Dispenser

The Akita tape dispenser is available individually or as part of the Akita Desktop Range.

H105 mm x 70 mm x 180 mm

Akita Pen Stand.png

Akita Pen Stand

 Akita Pen Stand available individually or as part of the Akita Desktop Range.

H 180 mm x 70 mm DIA